Andrew Colom is an accomplished writer and real estate developer. He graduated from Columbia University in 2005 with a degree in literature and creative writing. He received a full scholarship from the NY Times to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts and finished his Masters in 2007. Besides pursuing the arts through writing, film production, and theater, he started a real estate company in his hometown of Columbus, Mississippi. He started with 5 Single Family Homes and built that company up to 15 houses and 300 apartment units. He has worked in all facets of real estate from small to large scale renovations to new home construction, property management and real estate bookkeeping.

He moved to Detroit in February of 2015 to focus on using the arts and real estate development to improve the neighborhoods through community partnerships.


David Alade is a born and raised native New Yorker. After graduating with a degree in Urban Studies and Economics from Columbia University in 2009, he pursued a career on Wall Street where he focused on providing an array of secured financing solutions for consumer finance companies. During his six years in investment banking at Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse, David facilitated over $100BN in financing for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, including tens of billions of dollars of financing for the finance arms of the Big 3 US auto companies (Ford, GM and Chrysler). In the summer of 2014, David fell in love with the charismatic energy burning within the city of Detroit and began financially investing in its neighborhoods.

David moved to Detroit in May 2015 to focus on community advocacy and real estate development in Detroit’s urban neighborhoods on a full-time basis.