RecoveryPark to get 35 acres of city-owned land in urban farming deal

Thirty-five acres of city-owned land will be leased to an urban farming initiative expected to spend $15 million in the next three years on Detroit's lower east side.

RecoveryPark, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, would eventually own the land after paying $105 per acre per year to lease it and then purchasing it outright for $3,553 per acre.

Under the agreement, RecoveryPark, which is an offshoot of the SHAR Foundation and aims to create jobs for clients of Detroit-based Self Help Addiction Rehabilitation, would be required to secure or demolish any blighted or vacant structures on the land within 12 months of a signed term sheet.

Two years after RecoveryPark gets the land, it would be required to operate at least 3 acres of greenhouses on the property, increasing to 6 acres and 9 acres by the third year and fourth year, respectively.

The Detroit City Council still has to approve terms of the lease and subsequent sale, according to Gary Wozniak, president and CEO of RecoveryPark. Those approvals are expected this week or next week, he said.

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