Keegan-Michael Key on Detroit, work post-Key & Peele, and hyphenated first names

Keegan-Michael Key is one of the biggest names in comedy today, right up there with Louis C.K. and Nick Kroll. The "MadTV" alum and co-creator of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele" also happens to be a Detroit-native and a co-founder of Hamtramck'sPlanet Ant Theater. And on Dec. 22, he's returning home with the 313, an improv troupe composed of Detroit comedians who now live in Los Angeles, for a special performance at the Detroit Institute of Arts presented by the Detroit Creativity Project, a group that seeks to inspire young people through the art of improvisation.

Model D spoke with Keegan-Michael Key by phone about Detroit, his work post-"Key & Peele," and his hyphenated first name. 

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