Interview with Detroit hip hop artist, Danny Brown (Explicit Language)

We met Danny Brown at a poetry class he was guest teaching near downtown Detroit. He was telling a classroom of high school students about his writing process, which he compared to making a pot roast. You can have McDonalds, scarf it down, and it'll be cool. "But if I sit around and prepare this long roast," he said, "it's going to be real fulfilling, you're going to get all the proteins you need, and it's going to be great on the reheat!" It's been almost three years since Danny dropped an album, and although he's hinted that a new one is complete, he's not in a rush to release it. He has, however, suggested it's going to be a quality roast.

While his music marinates, he's been busy at home in the suburbs of Detroit, raising his daughter and hanging with family in the Linwood area where he grew up. Danny will always be a kid trapped in a gangly adult frame, but he's also grown up and taken on a big brother role in the city. He's pushing his Bruiser Brigade label-mate ZelooperZ, whom I met at a loft party with a tank or two of nitrous and a few rappers trading bars on makeshift stages. That's kind of the joy of Detroit: formerly abandoned buildings have provided ample space to be weird. And to take your time being weird, which is exactly what Danny has always done and is continuing to do.

I talked to him outside his mom's house in Linwood about his hometown for tonight's episode of NOISEY, premiering at 10 PM EST on VICELAND.

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