Detroiter rebuilds life as a writer after 19 years in prison

It would take more years for Senghor to forgive himself and years more to accept that his fate was to be a writer. Now, Senghor’s writing has given him a second life, one where he works with popular activist Van Jones in #Cut50, the initiative to reduce America’s incarcerated population by 50% by 2025; one where he presented at the prestigious Aspen Ideas Festival; one where he travels the world talking about prison reform and life reform; one where he gave one of the most popular Ted talks in history called “Why Your Worst Deeds Don’t Define You.” (Since Canada would not admit the ex-felon into the country to attend the conference, he spoke from Ted headquarters in New York); one where he was an MIT fellow; one where he was a lecturer at the University of Michigan; and one that has taken him to cities across America and countries around the world to talk about redemption.

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