Why Entrepreneurs are moving to Detroit

"Leaders across nonprofits, corporations and governments are paying attention to those who have solutions to bring to the table. Private and public sectors come together to support Social Entrepreneurship Challenges. Foundations are shifting to invest in local startups. A billionaire, Dan Gilbert, is leading the technology scene and supporting bold initiaves. You cannot travel anywhere without someone asking you what it’s like in Detroit right now. It’s the boilerplate for urban reinvention. It’s a motivator to know that others are listening.

Students graduating from Michigan State University, the University of Michigan (who graduated Google co-founder Larry Page), and Wayne State University are talented and ready to innovate. 

We may not be the size of Silicon Valley, or whatever major city is near you. That's okay. I personally feel more connected and more supported knowing that this small, tight-nit community is here to help. Customers recognize and support your new business. It's truly great to feel so connected to your business community. This feeling may get watered down in larger cities."

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