Detroit, the coolest city to work in?

"Given that young people and creative people and especially young creative people have been largely priced out of New York, that the Bay Area is basically unaffordable for just about anyone who doesn’t have a fair number of stock options, that Portland is overrun with unemployed mixologists, that Austin is still at heart a college town, that Boston and Seattle are way too squeaky clean, and that investors are doing innovative things like turning an abandoned Motor City auto-part plant into a techno club, Detroit (the birthplace of techno) is looking more and more like the grittiest, most interesting big city in America.

'Tough, real, and cheap, Detroit, with the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy behind it, is suddenly attractive to investors, innovators, and would-be fixers, especially young adventurers … Detroit’s decay is now its engine: Nowhere else in urban America can you do so much with so little money … Every week, it seems, a new business opens in Detroit—grocery stores, juice bars, coffee shops, even bicycle makers.'"

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